We host numerous events every year!

The Training events we host



Gasshuku are training camp events. As an organisation we host and participate in three Gasshuku events each year. Early March host the NSW State Gasshuku. In May we participate in the National Black & Brown Belt camp in Canberra. And every October we participate in the AOGKF National Gasshuku in rotating cities around the Country. All of these events are taught by our head Dojo instructor. We also have access to hundreds of Gasshuku events around the world that any of our members can apply to attend and develop their Karate at.



 Each year our clubs either participate or host the AOGKF annual friendship tournament and club championships. Members for our centres around Canberra compete against people from AOGKF clubs all over the country in the friendly event that enables participation for all ages. Competitions in Kata and continuous non-contact free sparring are held with the emphasis on good technique, good sportsmanship and having a go.  This is a great family day out where many friendships are made and under a banner of encouragement.



Grading tests are held periodically throughout the year. Tests are usually held at each Dojo at the completion of each school term. Most members aim to grade 2-3 times per year. Unlike other martial arts in Goulburn & Crookwell, all of our Dojo instructors are Internationally recognised and qualified to conduct your grading in your own Dojo, with no need to travel away. All of our tests are held in one setting without having the attend multiple nights. Senior Black Belt grading tests are held in Canberra annually as part of the Black Belt Gasshuku.  

We also host Social events for our members

Karate Party!


'Karate Party' is our annual National party and is held in conjunction with the National Gasshuku training camp each year. The Karate party usually features high end entertainment from live world class singers, to magicians and live DJ's. Its a great night out for the whole family! 

Black & Brown Belt Dinner


Every year we host a dinner for our most senior members. Black and Brown belt members and their families join us in Canberra for a nice meal and to celebrate the efforts of our highest level members. We also announce the results of any Black belts grading tests!

Social Gatherings


We host regular social gatherings throughout the year. Whether it be a cup of coffee after training, a dinner party at a members house or our annual end of year and christmas party celebrations, we are the Karate family and we love having family get togethers all year around!