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At the Lambert Karate Dojo we acknowledge the fact that our teens go through a lot of changes during their adolesence and that there is a big difference between a 13 year old and a 17 year old. 

We have to structured teenage programs that run directly alongside and work in with each other depending on age and physical ability. Our Juniors program is specifically designed for those age 13- 15 years and does not require as much retention of knowledge or any weight training compared to that of who are aged 16-17 and participate in our Cadet program. This is the fundamental difference between our programs for Teenagers and those of other schools in the area - we work develop you according to your age and ability, rather than having one expectation for ages 13-17. 

Teenage students training in the junior and cadet programs are still both exposed to the entire Goju-ryu Karate system and will develop effective self defence skill, strength, fitness and confidence. Many of those who begin in our teenage program succeed to becoming black belts and upon moving away for university or careers have became their own high quality martial arts schools.

Our centres offer a variety of different class types for Teens, including beginner only classes, advanced level classes and all level classes. The team of talent instructors at both Dojo's will help take you to the next level by developing a program specific to your needs. We include plenty of variety in all of our classes and our sessions will have you practicing basic Karate techniques, traditional Kata's, supplementary training, self defence, Kata applications, pad work, free sparring, close quarters fighting, ground work and more. 

The Dojo fosters a very special community which is known among our teen and adult members as 'the Karate family'. You will be welcomed into the club, made to feel at home and supported by everyone there as you begin and continue your martial arts journey. Our Black belt Sensei's are ready to start training with you today! Contact us and take one of our Free trial offers and experience the benefits of traditional Karate training. 


From our time as part of the Karate family, I have seen my confidence and self awareness grow along with my fitness and strength, while also having the opportunity to travel both locally, nationally and Internationally and making new friends along the way. Sensei and the team offer a flexible timetable that allows us to train rain, hail or shine and that works around my family, work and school commitments.

- Anthony (Teenage member)

I honestly don't know how I would have stayed sane through my HSC without Karate! Sensei and the team bent over backwards to keep my body and my mind healthy for my final exams. They called to check up on me and even let me study in the Dojo before classes so I could have a quiet place to concentrate. They really care! I just want to keep doing Karate forever, everyone at the Dojo is family to me!

-Sarah (Teenage member)  

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6:15-7:15pm - Beginner level class

7:15-8:30pm - Advanced level class



6:35-7:50pm - All levels class

7:50-8:00pm - Advanced level extra training



6:30-7:30am - All levels class



6:30-8:00pm - All levels class



10:00-11:00am - All levels class

10:00-11:30am - Advanced level class


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