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We are not called a family fitness centre for nothing! Our centre is the only one in the region to offer a family class where all ages and all levels can practice and train together. Our family martial arts classes in Goulburn and Crookwell give parents the opportunity to train with their children, build on their relationships and work together towards a common goal.

Take an even larger role in the development of your child by coming onto the floor and training alongside them. Countless families across the southern tablelands have used this as a way to become even closer with their children and we now have black belt families all across the country. 

A hobby like no other, our family classes will have you all feeling fitter, stronger and happier, as well as giving you the opportunity to make family friends for life. Our talents and qualified instructors will help you and your children to train together in an encouraging and supportive environment. Help your children learn to defend themselves against and adult sized attacker and have your children develop a respect and admiration for you through your efforts in the Dojo. 

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I wish we had done this years ago. Joining the family class was the best thing my wife, my three kids and I have ever done. We look forward to going every week, we help each other at home and we have made some very dear friends in the process. Would definitely recommend trying a class.

-Robert S. (Family Class member)

When my son asked me to try Karate with him at the Family class, I did, thinking I would just do it once to satisfy him. But I was really surprised with how challenging it was and how much fun we actually had together. We were laughing and had a great time training together. 4 years later as we still attend classes together!

-Rhonda T (Family Class member)

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10:00-11:00am - Family / All ages 5+ class


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