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A complete Martial Art system for adults

Have you always wanted to do martial arts in Goulburn or Crookwell, but didn't  feel confident in front of others, couldn't keep up with the class or didn't feel like you were getting the attention you deserve? All of those problems are easily fixed with the variety of classes we have on offer for Adult members. 

Every week we are fortunate enough to be able to supply quality instruction in Adult Beginners, Advanced level and all levels classes. Our Beginners classes are  specifically designed for those who have never practiced a martial arts before or who are not even currently active. These classes will build up your strength and fitness as you begin to learn the basics of effective traditional Karate, it's fundamental Kata's and engage traditional weight and fitness training specific to your needs. Our instructor will build you up and help you set and achieve short and long term goals as your skills and confidence in martial arts grow. Imagine a class that gets you feeling fit and healthy while at the same time teaching you effective martial arts and potentially life saving skills.

As you progress through the belt levles you will be granted access to the advanced level class where more senior aspects of the Goju-ryu system are taught and developed. We also run several All levels sessions each week where any grade level can come along, we can all train together and help each other progress is a safe, fun and affordable environment.

Goju-ryu is a style of traditional Karate, but it covers some many different aspects of training it is almost considered a martial art of its own. Our talented instructors vary the training from class to class, but session generally include traditional preparation and supplementary training, basic Karate skills practice, Kata and Kata movement self defence application practice, fighting drills, pad work, close quarters training, free sparring and ground work. There is so much to learn, practice and develop that you won't become bored, as is the case with many other martial arts styles. 

No matter your fitness level, age, abilities or whether or not you have had past experience, Goju-ryu is the martial art for everyone! We adapt the training and take a specific approach to help you become the best you can be. Contact your new Sensei today to begin your Martial arts journey and to book one of our Free trials.


Sensei Lambert is a world class instructor having lived and trained in Okinawa, Japan, which is the birth place of Karate. Sensei Lambert, in all the years I have trained in martial arts, is the best instructor I have ever come across and yet he remains the most humble man I have ever known. I suggest that if anyone is considering giving Karate a go whether it be for self defence or even just fitness to look no further than the Lambert Karate Dojo's and family fitness centres in Goulburn and Crookwell. 

-David S. 

(Over 30 years of martial arts experience)

I tried two other martial arts places in the town before I joined the Lambert Karate Dojo & Family Fitness Centre in 2014. I got much more than learning the amazing art of Goju-ryu, I found a fun, family orientated club that offers fitness and self defence to all ages and fitness levels, regardless of gender or ability.  Not only is training fun and challenging, I am learning skills for life from one of the world's most sought after instructors and his supportive and encouraging team of black belts. I finally found the best place in town and was surprised to learn it is one of the best centres in the country!

-Jennie W. (Tried 2 other schools first)

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6:15-7:15pm - Beginner level class

7:15-8:30pm - Advanced level class



6:35-7:50pm - All levels class

7:50-8:00pm - Advanced level extra training



6:30-7:30am - All levels class



6:30-8:00pm - All levels class



10:00-11:00am - All levels class

10:00-11:30am - Advanced level class


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