Personal Training in Goulburn

We offer effective, affordable and fun personal training programs out of our fitness centre for everyone! Check out or personal training page for session options or contact us about creating your own option today. All of our personal trainers are accredited with both certificates III & IV in fitness, are fully insured, first aid certified and ready to help you with your health and fitness goals. 

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Family Fitness Centre Facilities

Fully equipped for all your health and fitness wants and needs!

Our fitness centre features a fully equipped health and fitness facility. We have a full range of resistance (weight) training equipment, from full cable and pulley machines to free weights and more. You can experience literally hundreds of different exercises with our accredited instructors guiding you along the way. Along with this, our centre has a range of machines for improving your overall conditioning (cardiovascular endurance), including stationary bikes, ergonomic rowers, treadmills, boxing equipment, battle ropes and more. 
A number of agility drill equipment, stretching machines & racks, as well as full wall mirrors are also part of the centres facilities, as is our audio system for providing you with your taste of music during all sessions.
There is a reception area available for screenings and this area is also fully equipped with blood pressure machines, scales and other necessities for taking & recording accurate information and measuring your progress. 
Full bathroom, toilet and shower facilities are also on hand, along with impact mats and ground exercise mats for your convenience. We are also located close by two large and well kept parks for outdoor training along with direct access onto the Wollondilly river walking track area. Everything that you could ever want or need outside of a gym.